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AP architetti Srl STP Architect has increased a significant experience over the years specialing in Design, Project Management of Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties as well as urban Planning of Cities.

The business is very conscious of and focuses on producing environmentally friendly designs. I spent a lot of time and effort on studying, researching and enhancing architectural designs which will comply with future regulatory environmental requirements.

These efforts and results have been recognised and acknowledged in a number of industry related and national magazines as well as some European websites on interior designs where my attention to detail have been complimented.

My business has the capability and capacity to inter act with clients throughout all the various phases of any Project, preparing to meet from day one on the Conceptual phase, assisting with the development of the Master Plan.

Once accepted, the Definitive Project Design phase will follow in Consultation with the client and its other expert advisors.

When the Project has been approved by all regulatory authorities, I can assist with monitoring and supervising development from initial Earthworks to Civils, Steelworks and Construction until Completion & Handover.

My business continuously studies and monitors the latest developments in the market place by subscribing to and participating in Architectural Competitions in order to offer to my dients the very latest designs available.

I cover most contemporary styles of design and quality brands of product and the quality of our architectural work is guaranteed to be of a proud and highest Italian order.










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AP architetti Srl STP

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AP architetti Srl STP

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AP architetti Srl STP

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